About RanJohn

RanJohn Consulting offers customized Human Resources and Talent ​S​olutions that address your organization’s unique challenges. Through a collaborative consulting process, we identify the most effective means to strengthen your organization, providing both short-term and long-term solutions. Our mission is to ensure your partnership with us leaves you in a stronger place than before we met. We are excited to learn about your company and how we can help you accomplish your business goals.


Randi Clark

Founder & Principal Consultant

Randi Clark



Randi is the Founder and Principal of RanJohn Consulting. Randi’s background includes human resources and consulting in environments ranging from small start-up to large corporate. She earned her degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Iowa, and studied Spanish immersion in Barcelona, Spain. She has a proven record of success recruiting talent, building high performance teams and helping to shape companies into dynamic workplaces.

Randi’s mission is to create workplaces where people feel that what they do matters. When individuals are engaged in a company that embraces their contribution, success is an inevitable outcome. Among Randi’s many skills is her aptitude for connection and genuine approach to providing perspectives that move both individuals and organizations forward.


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