Job Search

Searching for a new job can be a frustrating and all consuming process. With a 25 year background in human resources and hiring, we have first hand knowledge about the employer side of the search process. We will work to understand your career goals and customize your strategy to be sure you are spending your time wisely. From your resume, to interviewing to how you network  – we will help you create the most affective approach to landing a new job. If you’re ready for a change, but not quite sure what you want to do, we can help you through the process of narrowing your focus.





Hiring managers do not want to see template style resumes with cookie-cutter statements that read like a job description. We’ll work together to update your resume or create it from scratch by highlighting your achievements and measurable results. We will ensure you have a  resume that tells your story in the best way for the position you are seeking.

Cover Letters

While there are opposing views about whether or not prospective employers actually read cover letters, we strongly believe that you do need one. Since cover letters are often the first impression before your resume, they must be flawless. We will create a cover letter to be sure you have a succinct narrative and make the best first impression.


Interviews are not just question and answer sessions. They are a marketing opportunity to sell yourself. With 25 years in human resources and hiring, we have conducted hundreds of interviews. Through mock interviewing, we can help you prepare and be sure you approach your next interview with confidence and a better sense of what to expect.

Job Search Strategy

We understand the process of searching for a job can feel like a job itself. It can leave you feeling exhausted and deflated. In the age of applicant tracking systems and social media, you have to be clear and strategic about how you approach your search. You can no longer rely on the old traditional way of applying for positions through internet job sites. We will work to create a plan that will be the most productive and effective use of your time in opening the door to the position you want.