Why Choose RanJohn?

You may not always be able to articulate what you need; you just know you need assistance. RanJohn’s niche is sifting through the detail and helping you figure it out. With our network of expertise, we cover all your business needs from human resources, to operations, to leadership. Through workshops, training and one-on-one coaching, we will provide you with the insight and tools needed to make your business a dynamic workplace.


What Our Clients Say

You have an extraordinary gift for taking what seems like a complicated vision and breaking it into manageable pieces. I’ve worked with consultants in the past and always felt like a small, insignificant client. You made me feel like you’re only client. I now know what I need to do to move to the next level in my business, and more importantly, what not to do and waste my time. Thank you for your expertise and patience. I will pass your card to everyone I know!

– Rebecca Simons, President and Founder

Dear Randi, we can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to help us strategize and envision together. You have great gifts for staff facilitation and this time has been a blessing for us all. We feel like a brand new team over the past few weeks with your assistance. Thank you!

– Douglas Leonard, Executive Director

I have been a leader for 25 years and owned 3 successful companies. It’s hard to admit, but I had some blind spots in my leadership that Randi helped reveal to me. I now have a completely different relationship with my staff and continue to meet with Randi as my trusted advisor and coach.

– Edward Hughes, CEO

When it comes to Human Resources professionals, Randi is a true leader in the field and her talent and insight is invaluable. Regardless of whether she’s working with employees, managers or company leadership, she treats everyone with great respect, which in turn creates a safe zone for all, fostering effective communication, teamwork and growth.

– Bronwyn Sherwood, Director of Development and Communications

Thank you Randi for the leadership, guidance, and support you have brought to our team! We have truly appreciated the time with you and have grown because of you. We promise we will move forward as a new team and make you proud!

– Northwestern Customer Service Team

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